Club Sintab
Club Sintab - der Treffpunkt für alle Freunde von Füßen, Strümpfen und High Heels.

The Club:

We are a growing circle of like minded people since 1995. We meet us regulary to run free our dreams and fantasies all around feet, nylons and high heels. About the great interesting in this theme, I have decided to found my own club. Among others caused through a German TV show called “Lovely Sin”.


Initiator Hannelore

The Parties:

The main theme of our parties, you can guess it, is foot fetish in all variations. We meet us monthly in Stuttgart / Germany on Saturday at 8.00 pm. The party end is open. You’ll  find approx. 20 to 30 people are present at a party and we pay attention to a well-balanced mixture of women and men. As a Newbie (female or male) you’ll be integrated in the circle shortly and you can be sure that you are not alone.

To learn more about please read the party news. 


PARTIES 2017 / 2018


Nov 04, 2017


Apr 14, 2018

Oct 06, 2018



Registration Party Stuttgart



Entrance fee: men: 75 Euro - couples: together 85 Euro - women: 10 Euro