Club Sintab
Club Sintab - der Treffpunkt für alle Freunde von Füßen, Strümpfen und High Heels.


Question: Hannelore, which shoe size you wear? 
Hanne: 39, even if they fail small sometimes 40. 

Question: Do you wear High heels also on the road? 
Hanne: Yes, if they do not have a too high heel. With too high heels after some time the feet cause pain to me. During our parties that is not a problem, because people are here to worship and massage my feet.


Question: Can you gladly the feet be worshiped? 
Hanne: I find it very pleasant to let me the feet worshiped. I feel for it like new born. Except the Massage effect I enjoy also the power, which I have with my feet over the men. Foot games can be very fascinating and with these an intensive erotic feeling can be constructed. I flirt gladly with men over the Foot erotic.

Question: Can everyone actually come on your parties?
Hanne: Everyone can take up contact with me. I strive also to answer the Mails. Which I do not like, mails without specified name are making me busy for nothing. If people visiting my Internet site do not read correctly themselves and constantly ask me things, which already in detail are present there. To the parties only genuine foot and shoe fetishist are certified, so that a harmonious atmosphere can be developed. People just want to stare or watch foot erotic scene without practically getting into that are not really foot fetishist, and are unwanted, and should avoid to contact us. In order to come into the closer circle of the club, they should be real foot fetishist but at the same time we would like to invite only gentle people. Also the way, how the parties run off, is matter of taste. If however a party participation with date is confirmed by me, then this is obligatory and changes from my side for no more. The applicant must only note this date, since a memory does not take place from my side. It is important therefore that the invited persons announce themselves again briefly and confirm before the party date to me that they come. This is for me a facilitation of work and an examination, as important to someone such a date is. 

Question: How many people come on a party? 
Hanne: That takes place in a cosy context of approx. 20 to 25 people. So everyone has the possibility of becoming acquainted with the others.

Question: And how is the portion of men and women on the parties? 
Hanne: I pay attention much to a balanced ratio between men and women.